Monday, 17 March 2014

Font options "Cyber Chic"

After looking at a number of fonts, I have narrowed it down to my two favorites: Hemi Head & Radio Space as I feel the other fonts are not fit for the style of Wonderland Magazine.

Friday, 14 March 2014

Space-age holographic

To expand on my "Cyber Chic" shoot concept i have been looking at all things holographic. Metallic fabrics, high shine coatings and iridescent finishes are all key factors in the space age trend. 

Jonathan Saunders spring/summer 2013


I love the use of draped fabric as a styling element

Blumarine autumn/winter 2012/13

Layers of iridescent fabrics
Jean Shrimpton with 1967 Lambretta

Holographic colour inspiration... 

New digital platform - "The digital fairy"

The Digital Fairy is an alternative online agency that can offer creative digital strategies to cool fashion brands, bands and artists. Based in East London the company was created by Eva Lee and Mel Ashley. They work on a consultancy basis with focus on social media, branding and apps. These girls are the prime example of DIY digital entrepreneurialism.

Digital Faries Eva Lee and Mel Ashley

Digital Faries Eva Lee and Mel Ashley
The Digital Fairy is pioneering its own brand of "girly tech"  through the use of crude graphics, emojis and gifs - they
create a fresh digital-DIY aesthetic. 

The Digital Fairy Offices

Some of their clients include The X factor, Luv Luv Records and Bleach. I found the project with Bleach particularly interesting.

Bleach- A London based hair salon, worked with The Digital Fairy team to create a selfie app that allowed users to choose from a range of dip-dye filters, stickers and emojis to customise their photo, browse through new product ranges and create bespoke printable hair stencils.  

Creating a gif using photoshop.

Channel your inner geek and create your own gif in just a few easy steps. Here is an example of the one I made..

  • Firstly choose your images making sure they are in jpeg. format and upload them in photoshop
  • Make sure you double click on the little padlock sign to unlock the layer
  • Click on the layer and press "duplictae layer"
  • Create a mask layer using "curves"- this is used to lighten the image
  • Press the "command" key with the "I" key to invert the colours of mask you just made
  • Then use the paintbrush tool over the area you wish to lighten 

    Change the curve levels to adjust the brightness

    Merge both layers together

    Then go to window--> timeline--> create frame animation

    Click make frame from layers

    Create a 1 second time frame (or however long you want) inbetween each photo

File--> save for web--> GIF file--> Adaptive and forever on the loop

Gifs in the fashion industry

They may have started out as a geeky Internet format, however gifs have officially gone viral, especially among the fashion industry. Mui Mui recently made use of the gif for a clever, attention grabbing advertising ploy. 

I think Gifs and cinemagragphs are a clever way to draw in a consumer whilst browsing the web. However too many of them can cause web pages to look messy and it becomes overwhelming. I feel it is important to find the correct balance when featuring this kind of animated image. Somthing I will strongly consider when designing my landing page.

Cinamagraphs - a new age of photography

Coco Rocha

A still photograph with moving elements, sounds like something you would only see in fictional films like Harry Potter. However cinemagraph is a revolutionary new form of image making that became popular in 2011. Cinemagraphs where created by Kevin Berg and Jamie Beck. Berg started looking at ways to modernise animated image in 2009, the Cinemagraph was then born out of his collaboration with Jamie Beck for New York Fashion Week. 

NY Fashion Week
Carine Roitfeld

The fashion industry immediately embraced this form of visual technology. With brands from Ralf Lauren to Juicy couture, everyone seems to of jumped on the cinamagraph bandwagon. 

Cinemagraph commissioned by Juciy Couture

Alexander McQueen AW14

Alexander McQueen put a high fashion spin on the classic cornrow this season at paris fashion week. Teamed with the bleached out eyebrows the girls looked like an army of magical creatures from a far away world.